Thursday, March 9, 2017

Partial Separation

Sometime in the 1990's

I woke from a deep sleep, lying on my back.  There was an intense vibrations flowing up and down my body from head to toes, in a slow rhythm.  There was also a very loud buzzing noise in my head.  I didn't hear it with my ears, I felt it in my head.

I raised my hand to sit up.  But instead of seeing my hand in front of my face, I saw a gray and white outline shaped exactly like my hand.  Inside the outline there were bright sparks of light, traveling to and fro, through my hand.

It was then that I realized my physical eyes were closed, and my physical body was laying perfectly still.  In fact, I couln't move it.  When I tried, I became aware that I was able to feel myself existing in two distinct ways.  One, the way I have always existed; I could feel my body laying there, heavy with sleep, and unable to move.  I could also feel a weightless version of myself, complete and sensate in every way.  This version of myself was coincidental with the physical, except where my "non-physical" hand was raised above my physical hand and arm, which were laying on my chest.

I turned the non-physical hand and examined it at length.  It had feeling, just like my physical hand.  I raised my other hand, which came up in front of me in the same ghostly, light-outlined way.  I clasped these "non-physical" hands and they felt exactly like my physical hands.

I started to feel nervous, so I put my "hands" back down on my chest.  My eyes opened, and everything seemed to be normal in my room.  For two days after this experience, my left hand felt cold and tingly, as if there were a small electric current flowing through it.  It was so persistent that I asked my sister to feel my hand, without saying anything else to her.

"It feels cold, she said."

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